Windproof Roller Blinds That Allow You To Enjoy The View Of The Outdoors Even From Indoors

Windproof roller shutter blinds is a shading product improved and upgraded based on common roller shutter products. Through a special treatment process, the fabric and mechanism are effectively knotted into a whole.

It is an excellent product that integrates heat insulation, sun shading, light adjustment, privacy protection, windproof, and UV radiation. It can be used for indoor and outdoor façade or slant shading.

So what are the advantages of windproof roller blinds compared with ordinary roller blinds? Let me take you together to understand the following.

1、Sun-proof performance

Windproof roller blinds are carefully designed to ensure that the curtain fabric always runs inside the rail and has good shading performance, reaching 100% shading. When completely closed, the full blackout fabric makes it impossible for the outside world to peek through the roller blinds and protect the private space.

2、Weather resistance

The design of windproof roller blinds can ensure that the fabric does not come out from the rail to prevent the fabric from going off, not only to protect the product’s blackout but also to ensure the strong wind resistance performance, which is incomparable to other products. Plus, the roller blinds themselves are completely sealed, more effective in blocking outside noise.

3、Good decoration

Can beautify the appearance of the building curtain wall’s appearance and adjust the natural light can also be effective insulation to reduce indoor air conditioning energy consumption.

The use of windproof roller shutter is very wide, the following three product cases to see what it is used in the end.

  1. Wide retractable windproof shutter

A retractable screen pulls down to provide sun and insect protection and natural ventilation. The windproof roller shade neatly rolls up into the storage spool and into a compact 3-inch protective enclosure when not in use.

This retractable windproof roller shade is primarily used in the following locations.





The so-called wide, its main embodiment in the size of its woven fabric, the general electric control size of 120 * 108cm, manual size is relatively large, 174 * 108cm. (The unit in the figure below is inches)

The woven fabric is also relatively rich in colour schemes, mainly the following.

From its size, we can know that its operation is divided into manual and electric, electric is controlled by remote control. At the same time, the product uses different handles for the convenience of manual control and adds manual springs to assist manual operation.

  1. Wide clear vinyl windproof shutter

With the use of a wide clear vinyl windbreak, you can effectively block the sunlight and have a clear view of the surrounding landscape. It can prevent both insects and stormy weather and is easy to operate. The clear vinyl is neatly rolled within sight in a compact 6″ protective enclosure when not in use.

Since it’s transparent, it proves the special nature of the materials used. Made of vinyl, it’s crystal clear and has excellent light transmission, yet protects against UV rays, so you can see the scenery and cool off both!

Vinyl materials can be selected colours


Outdoor eating space

Size and control of wide transparent vinyl windproof roller blinds.


  1. Extra-wide surface windproof roller blinds

When the extra-wide windproof roller shutter studio can block the sunlight and insects into one side, on the other hand, it can also keep the natural wind and protect the user’s privacy. When not in use, it can be neatly rolled into a compact 6-inch protective housing.

Due to its extra-wide width, the product is widely used in places with large areas such as



Larger open spaces

Folding doors

The size of the extra-wide windproof shutter is much larger than the above two models, with a general size of 288*156cm.

With the popularity and widespread use of windproof roller shutters, some outdoor shading enterprises in China are also actively engaged in research and development production, absorbing the advantages of good products, integrating their characteristics, complementing each other’s strengths and complementing each other’s advantages, only in this way can we innovate and produce better quality windproof roller shutters, so that more people can use it.

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