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Why did people choose the roof canopy awnings?

With the popularity of glass curtain walls and glass light roof buildings in the world,.This kind of building has become a fashion because the building is beautiful, but the problem comes in the hot summer, the heat of the sun through the glass into the room, which will greatly increase the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Not only that, but the strong light shining into the room will also affect your work life. In this case, it is urgent to install a set of patio waterproof aluminum canopy roof awning products. The following will introduce the electric canopy shade system in detail.

Customizable polycarbonate sheet awning sunshade roof canopy, also known as outdoor sunshade canopy, is a professional configuration of top outdoor application of retractable canopy, is now widely used.

It is very suitable for all kinds of glass sunroom roof and light roof, atrium, patio and open-air balcony external shading, heat insulation effect is far better than the glass room of various indoor shading products, can significantly reduce the indoor temperature, to achieve the energy-saving effect.

It can also directly replace steel sunroom and acrylic sun panel projects and has more flexible and multi-use functions.

The structure design is precise and firm, with extremely strong wind resistance, large front eaves, back pass and motor and other overall institutions, noble and luxurious, open and generous, not free from expansion and taut flat, the maximum application area of up to 30 square meters.

It can be operated by digital remote control can also be installed an intelligent scenery rain induction device by sensing the outside world to adjust automatically.

Small high-rise buildings have become more and more popular with most white-collar people, and the terrace on top of it has become a new concept of this building. Sunrooms are becoming more and more common, and their shading in summer and lighting in winter is not a problem.

Outdoor aluminum frame electric patio garden retractable awning with weather sensor are suitable for various transparent light roof outdoor shading types such as pyramidal, inclined and round.

Outdoor canopy awning is a full box design; there are also so-called: outdoor sunshade canopy, double rail canopy, zenith awning, sunshine awning, electric canopy curtain, retractable canopy awning, rail type external awning, sunshade leisure canopy, roof canopy awning mechanism, etc..

It is a multifunctional outdoor canopy. The heat insulation effect is far better than the glass room shading products, can significantly reduce the indoor temperature, thus achieving an energy-saving effect.

The summer heat is hot. It is, even more, it plays a role in the season. The canopy awning is characterized by the embedded slotted track connected with the road wheel, generating fabric tension linear reciprocating movement under special belt telescopic tension, making the whole skeleton compact and completely smooth. The structure skeleton is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Among all sunshade products, canopy awning is the best partner of a sunroom.

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