Which way is the best for the outdoor shading awning

Although hiding in the house has to air-condition

Stay in the office and have to air-condition

But If you go outside

As long as you are outdoors


The sweating progress bar will keep rising

In the hot summer, many people use this kind of retractable awning. This kind of retractable awning is too simple, and the shelter area is too small. When faced with bad weather, especially when exposed to the sun or strong winds and rains, the function is relatively limited, and it does not provide a good outdoor environment experience.

Manuel or Motorized Aluminum Balcony Awning
So when choosing outdoor sunshade, we must pay attention to both function and appearance.
Nowadays, as outdoor shading is paid more and more attention, there are more and more outdoor shading products to choose from. Is there any recommendation for outdoor shade?

Outdoor motorize aluminium louver pergola

Simple and generous, exquisite and stylish

Unique shuttle-shaped hollow blade

When the shutters open and close and meet the light

Linear light and dark visual beauty

Easier to bring out the elegance and chic of the space

The overall appearance is novel and irresistible

 Features: Stable structure – made of all 6063 aluminum structure, includes stainless steel hardware Different mounting types - freestanding or structure attached existing wall or buildings Channeling of rainwater - Free-flow drainage or slab channeling Convenient Operation - Manual control with hand crank or Motor operation with remote controller Orientable roof slats - range of inclinations from 0° to 135°, adjust according to sunlight or weather Saving energy and costs - adjust temperature of the space in a natural manner, protect it from solar radiation, rain, wind or any other natural elements. Easy installation - with provided instructions Low maintenance Customization available – colors and specifications can do as customers requirements

Automatically adjust the blinds for shading or lighting according to needs, so that at any time of the day, it can help you get a comfortable living and working environment.

The sunshade shutters are especially suitable for open balconies, terraces, and courtyards. You can choose electric control if you do not want to do it by hand.

automatic folding Aluminium Louver Roof

Outdoor electric track PVC roof pergola canopy

Fashionable appearance, outstanding quality

There are also flexible installation methods

Demonstrates the European and American aristocratic taste of leisure outdoor space

Whether it is a high-end venue or a business social atmosphere

Both are suitable places to enjoy cosy outdoor time

The outdoor motorize track pergola canopy has a simple and stylish appearance and has excellent wind and rain resistance.
When opened, you can enjoy the sunlight and air of nature. When closed, it has the functions of 100% waterproof and effective shading and heat insulation. It is the best choice for modern leisure commercial places and villas to create a high-quality and fashionable lifestyle.

pergola attached to house

Outdoor electric arch shape PVC roof pergola canopy

Elegant, chic, fashionable design

Gives more possibilities to the commercial dining environment

Large-scale shading technology

Flexible extension of commercial use area

Instantly enhance the sense of grade and space of the place

pergola attached to house

The outdoor PVC roof pergola canopy is currently the only outdoor electric sunshade product with an ultra-long-distance span in China. It can not only achieve long-span sunshade space, but also the product can be installed in a variety of ways according to the installation site and design requirements, and the assembly is efficient and convenient Features. In large shopping malls, hotels and other commercial outdoor venues are more popular.

Outdoor PVC pergola canopy with curtain system

Incorporating a new generation of outdoor shading technology

Simple and stylish, beautiful and durable

Full of beautiful and casual atmosphere

no matter where

All look unique

In the outdoor leisure environment of a villa residence.
The curtain fabric of the pergola is made of top-quality imported fabrics, which can effectively block solar radiation and reduce the damage of sunlight to the human body. An optional remote control system, one-button operation, flexible expansion and contraction. It is suitable for creating a unique summer style in courtyards and gardens.

These outdoor sunshade products can not only play the role of energy-saving and environmental protection, adjust the indoor light environment, protect the privacy and ensure safety, but also become a unique and charming scenery on the facade of the building. Extend the functions of outdoor sunshade products to the extreme, And at the same time bring users a more comfortable, convenient, safe and reliable outdoor experience!

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