What is a full cassette awning?

A full Cassette awning is a box, which protects the fabric and the profile when it folding fully. On the other hand, the design of the full cassette awning can be integrated with the building, it is not a product, it is a work of art, it is an extension of the building.

we use aluminum alloy thickened Frame, the fabric, we use the Arcylic fabric which is waterproof, with anti-UV, self-cleaning and waterproof performance, It has a very high resistance to thickness, fabric indicators, we use a wireless remote control, a key control stretch with LED lighting on the retractable awning arms.

Our Retractable Awning use DOYA motors, It can control the maximum width of seven meters, and the maximum outreach can do three meters, its biggest advantage is that its on-site installation of the special space is very small, only a solid wall can be installed, and the installation is also very simple.

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