The Garden is Full of Beautiful Retractable Awnings

The garden is a bearer of happiness, and if there is a cozy corner in the garden, then the happiness index must be doubled.

You can put a small and simple pergola in the garden, or put a casual table under a big tree, or set up a big bathtub, just like this, close contact with nature, everyone will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Usually, the layout of the garden space consists of two parts, one is the open style space, and the other is the shade space; the most common shade space with the sun and rain proof awning, you can enhance the value of the garden with a simple arrangement,

Different types of awning design play different architectural effectiveness. Below, take a look at the figure of awnings in life.

Window awnings

Put up a small shed to resist UV rays into the room. If coupled with sun shade umbrella and windows awning , the appearance is simply unbeatable.

Patio awning

With free retractable function awning, at different moments, can be shaped into a different architectural form with a folding roof canopy.

Skylight awning

To ventilate the house to open the skylight, but did not think but let the ultraviolet ray drill a hole, do not worry, there are a beautiful outdoor garden pergola

will shade it.

Patio awning

Canvas style awning, of course, lovely,

why no longer a little larger?

Patio awnings are worth having.

Most awnings appear in Europe, where they silently embellish life and become a beautiful landscape.

Outdoor small living room

It will form an open feeling outdoor small living room when you open the Sunshade Offset Cantilever Outdoor Solar LED Lighting Parasol Umbrella, put the table and chairs, barbecue tableware, with the natural polycarbonate wood craft, set up green plants, it will be a place for the whole family to get together.

A balcony small flower canopy

Terrace is a good place to feel the fun of a family-style garden vegetable garden. The interest is just as strong on a balcony with electric metal gazebo weatherproof roof system garden pergola with curtain, viewing flowers and plants, bees and butterflies flying.

Outdoor small cafe

Unique design outdoor electric aluminum bioclimatica pergola as an area to set up an outdoor cafe, a cup of tea, the aroma of walking in the air, the coziness of life, this is born.

Among the many awnings, modern summer house opening aluminium louver roof motorized awnings pavilion pergola for deck are very light. The surface is more convenient to repel dust, easy to clean. And awnings can also be configured around aluminum blinds, roller blinds or transparent glass to provide a better outdoor environment.

An aluminum awning will allow the user to enjoy full sunlight and new space, allowing the user to spend a lot of time with friends and family on the outdoor patio.

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