Retractable Awning For Roof Of House

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people pay attention to their homes’ sun protection and heat insulation. And sun shading equipment is an integral part of it. It can protect the expensive decoration and furniture in the villa by blocking excessive sunlight while enjoying the sunlight.

Compared to the wall facade, the shading equipment installed on the side of the roof is more effective in shading and cooling the indoor space and is energy-saving and sound insulation.

A. Roof aluminum blinds

Is the light too strong? Roof attic temperature is too high? Worried that the sound of rain and hail is too loud? Want to alleviate this situation, just a roof aluminum shutters can easily handle.

Roof aluminum shutters also have the following features.

  1. can reduce heat by up to 94%.
    2, can reduce noise and has a privacy protection system.
    3、Stronger thermal insulation effect to achieve energy balance.
    4、To achieve automation.
    The louvers are mainly used to regulate sunlight and are a very important decorative element on the top of the building. Louvers unfolded at the top: louvers as a form of roofing. Dresses up the roof better.

The movement of the louvers relies mainly on side rails made of painted aluminum. When not in use, the aluminum blinds are hidden in the top box.

The switch of aluminum blinds can be divided into the solar switch and the electric switch.

  1. Solar switch

Without a power connection, it is easy to open and close the blinds. It can also easily free your hands by blocking the indoor light and effectively achieving energy saving, health and environmental protection.

  1. Electric switch

The electric switch also eliminates the installation of wires, making the whole room more simple and clean.

Second, skylight heat insulation awning.

When the strongest light from the roof skylight easily passes through the glass into the room, making the indoor temperature rise, and the external skylight heat insulation awning can effectively block a large amount of sunlight. In terms of opening and closing, both automatic and manual opening and closing can be done according to your needs.

The fabric is usually black mesh, which has strong tear resistance. In addition, to tear resistance, it can also provide effective thermal protection and sunlight insulation, so it can quickly cool down the room in summer.

  1. Solar switch

The solar-powered switch can be turned on by simply pressing the wireless switch attached to the wall. Even on cloudy days, the awning can be opened.

  1. Electric switch

If you want to open or close the sunroof insulation awning with an electric drive, press the wall switch, and it will be easy to operate.

  1. Manual switch

The manual switch only needs to open the window, rotate the sunroof heat insulation awning 180°, and use two fixed brackets to hang the awning at the bottom of the window sash. 

Three, blackout shades

In the bedroom, whether the early morning light is harsh and disturbs the dream, in this case, a blackout curtain is a good choice.

Adjust the light entering the room according to your needs, thus creating a comfortable sleeping environment. These blackout curtains are best suited for children’s rooms.

Simply pull the handlebar by hand to switch between the white and aluminum colored rails for manual adjustment. The white rails blend perfectly with the wood.

From the above three roof shading product designs, we can find that shading greatly impacts our lives, and the roof shading should not be neglected.

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