Resolve the Heat Problem for Your Pation Glass Sun Room

We can often see people on the Internet saying that they regret building a terrace sunroom; in fact, it is not because of anything else. The terrace sunroom is too hot: this resonates with many people is not so satisfied their sun room .

Because the sun room house is almost built from  glass wll and glass roof cover , the terrace sunroom intake sunlight and heat in the summer will rise at an alarming rate. If your sunroom is just a steel frame with ordinary glass, then it is bound to be a “sauna” without motorized operation sunshade roof conservatory awing for the roof .

The structure of the terrace sunroom is mainly supported by metal. because metal is inherently fast in heat conduction, whether it is a steel frame or aluminum, or a relatively good bridge aluminum, All of materials can not be filled with heat insulation , Do not expect you can use the mainframe material to determine the heat insulation of the terrace sunroom without retractable roof awning for the top roof .

From the material point of view: there are many building materials for building terrace sunroom, such as steel structure sunroom, aluminum structure sunroom, wood structure sunroom, composite structure sunroom, etc. Among them, the sunroom using tempered glass as the top; although the glass roof will be the best permeability materials, but its heat insulation and heat preservation performance is not good.

In this case, you can open a skylight at the top and design windows around to help the sunroom’s lighting and ventilation. The color steel roof sunroom is not light-transmitting, the single color tone is not beautiful, and the cost of a sunshine panel sunroom is relatively high. but it must need a folding roof awning to shade the roof to avoid the heat .

Extremely high requirements for the performance of doors and windows: the load-bearing capacity of the terrace sunroom is particularly high, so its side frames are different from ordinary sliding doors, requiring the use of high-grade aluminum alloy and steel and increased wall thickness and width dimensions to ensure stronger support.

The doors and windows of the sunroom should use double-layer hollow thermal glass, and the roof is made of tempered glass; and there are special anti-collision strips and special sealing strips sandwiched between the glass and the metal frame, which can prevent rain and snow.

In such a case, it is very important to choose a reliable shade that can be opened when the sunlight is needed and closed when it is not. Many people choose to use the metal canopy awning to solve this problem.

In addition, the sunroom also needs to pay attention to the ventilation system. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the building itself and the health of the occupants. Usually, the roof of a terrace sunroom will be built with ventilation skylights, or electric ventilators will be installed to ensure indoor ventilation without opening doors or windows.

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