5*20m retractable roof pergola


Size: 5m*20m

Height: 3m

Roof Materials: 850G/㎡ Double PVC

Pillar: 150*150mm aluminum

Electric Motor’s Voltage: 110V Or 230V


5*20m retractable roof pergola Details


Aluminum Sunshade Pergola Canopy Restaurant Balcony Retractable Awning is an outdoor sunshade canopy system that combines a track canopy with a retractable awning.

Waterproof and weather-resistant fabric can be expanded and moved along with aluminum alloy track by the special motor. When opened, customers can feel the sunlight and

air of nature. When closed, it can be 100% waterproof and effectively block the sunlight.


Sliding Roof Pergola Canopy Specifications
Product Name
PVc pergola
Free Standing
Steel ,  Extend more than 6m use Steel frame (less than 6m use aluminum frame)
Waterproof PVC, 850g per square meter, 0.6mm thickness
Electric Motor’s Voltage
110V Or 230V
Remote Control
1 Channel or 5 Channel
Linear Strip LED Lights
Yellow / RGB

PVc pergola

PVc pergola


PVc pergola


PVc pergola

We will customize your requirements

  • we provide a complete waterproof sunscreen solution
  • provide perfect after-sales service
  • open the roof and enjoy the scenery

waterproof recreation Aluminum PVC pergola


waterproof recreation Aluminum PVC pergola

PVc pergola


PVc pergola

PVC pergola Working Process

waterproof recreation Aluminum PVC pergola

1.we offer projects measurements and drawing designs services for pergola

2.if you need, we can assign technicians to help you do a placement

3.Our PVC sliding roof pergola canopy is veryy easy to build.

pergola installing

PVc pergola

Video For Aluminum PVC  Pergola 


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