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Never Underestimate The Home Shade Retractable Awning

 As the saying goes, how precious is the winter sunshine, how crushing is the summer? Although the autumn has passed, it is as if the weather has nothing to do with it. The temperature is still as high as ever. You should know that a lot of furniture is not exposed to the sun, such as solid wood furniture, sun more may fade, dry crack, deformation. The flowers and plants planted on the balcony, the books placed, home appliances, etc., can not be exposed to the sun.

1. awning Although awnings are standard but do not underestimate their ability to block light. In Europe, every household has installed various kinds of awnings, especially at noon. Every household is covered tightly. The most significant advantage of awnings is that they are breathable and only need to block out the sunlight, so it is cool without turning on the air conditioner. Awnings can be retracted, adjust the angle, and do not worry about affecting the lighting in winter. Common types of awnings are. Curved-arm awning: extensive shade range, especially suitable for open balconies, terraces and courtyards, lazy hands can also choose the electric control .

European-style window awning: high value, with a European style, retractable.

Commercial Dome Windows Half Round Awning

Flip louver awning: a new type of outdoor sunshade space that can replace the sunroom, take both shading and ventilation, is currently the best product that can replace the roof glass.

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Recently, the weather is always cloudy and sunny, one second, it is a sunny day, and the next second it will be cloudy and open stormy mode. I do not know how many home people to capture this ventilation and sun shading and rain flip blinds.

Balcony particular external shades: With the progress of technology, sun shades also have many innovative forms. These shades can be customized according to the size of your balcony, imported fabrics, dirt-resistant and breathable, free dimming at your own pace, bringing coolness and peace of mind to the family, simply a great value! Balcony particular external shades, not only quality touching but also full function, can also be used as a projection curtain!

Want to have an open-air movie on the balcony? Set up a comfortable table and chairs on the balcony, put a little wine and snacks, and have a relaxing outdoor movie!

2 Indoor shading There are many ways to shade the house, like ordinary curtains here, not to mention. These light, full linen curtains look fantastic and have a specific blackout effect.

1. blackout curtains Friends with projectors at home bought this curtain blackout cloth, did not expect the summer to become life-saving magic, do not pull the blackout curtains a morning, then pull at least two or three degrees higher. Want to do darkness? Coated blackout curtains are the best choice. But the blackout cloth is thick and not breathable, and the blackout effect is too good is easy to sleep until the afternoon, get up early to work with friends or choose carefully.

2. honeycomb curtains are a particular concern for shading. Many friends asked honeycomb curtains is not good, many friends gave a real test. The honeycomb curtains used in the west sun balcony at home, utterly impervious to light kind. After pulling on, you can not even open the air conditioning. In the past, but open the air conditioning can not stay. The price is a slightly higher, neat feeling, more like the feeling of the office. Part of this article is from the pineapple zebra living guide.

Outdoor shading – ventilation and sun and rain: flip blinds, balcony particular external shades Indoor shading – easy to operate and practical: blackout curtains All of the above awnings and shades can choose electric control or intelligent system control, not only easy to use, no exposed cords, no safety hazards for families with children and pets. Be planted, friends; you may want to start from the sunshade, enjoy the freedom to control the light without hands.

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