Intelligent Development Of Interior, Mid-mounted and Exterior Awning

With the continuous progress of technology and the popularity of building intelligence, architectural shading will have a complete intelligent control system, and it is believed that more and more buildings will adopt intelligent shading systems, and should be integrated in the design stage to draw on the intelligent angle to make shading achieve optimal results.

The primary role of shading is to reduce the transfer of outdoor radiant heat to the interior in summer. Nowadays, people’s requirements for comfortable indoor life are getting higher and higher. The function of active external shading measures in shading and heat insulation can help us achieve our goal to a great extent.

According to its installation position relative to the building wall, the shading system can be divided into internal shading, neutral shading and external shading, which we will introduce in detail.

  1. Internal sun shading awning

Inner shading has both shading and shading effects on the indoor environment. In addition, inner shading products absorb heat while shading, forming an indoor heat source, which is a double-edged sword.

There is also a very intelligent representative of the product. It is intelligent electrochromic glass. It allows people to use a weak current of a few milliamps to control the color-changing glass’s translucency, no longer need to hang curtains.

Electrochromic materials are widely studied as one of the most promising intelligent materials.

  1. Mid-mounted sunshade awning

The most common mid-set sun-shading products are mid-set louvers, which are placed between two layers of glass and have no effect on the building façade, and the materials in between are generally metal louvers, PVC louvers, etc. This product can be used on windows, doors or partitions.

With improving people’s living standards, they also put forward higher requirements for their residential conditions. A kind of middle louver glass window is developed to solve the problem of lighting in houses, saving indoor space and aesthetics.

Mid-mounted louvers have two main adjustment functions: the rotation of the blades to control the angle of sunlight entry and light transmission, and the second is the lifting and lowering of the louvers, which allows the window to reach a completely closed and open state.

For his control, manually pulling the rope or turning the button is slightly laborious and troublesome. Through intelligent electric control can perfectly solve this problem. The use of a motor drive can easily achieve the lifting and turning of the center louver.

  1. External shading awning

The use of window shading is an effective measure. It is suitable for windows of all orientations, usually using movable shading, shading roller blinds, movable louvers shading, etc… External shading blocks almost all solar radiation. The only heat entering the window is the portion of the solar energy absorbed by the roller shade or sunshade louvers that are transmitted inward.

For many external shading, adjustable shading forms are more adaptable to different seasons, climate and environmental changes, and the common forms are as follows.

Adjustable extern awning forms

External shading products have higher requirements for intelligence, one because of the greater difficulty of manual operation. The second is that it is more difficult to adjust the demand for environmental changes.

Here are a few intelligent products for exterior shading. Individual products are in the test phase.

1、Intelligent adjustment folding roof canopy curtain

When the outdoor wind or rainfall exceeds the set value, the curtain can be automatically recycled through the system.

2、Photovoltaic sunshade awning louvers

Sunshade louvers are covered with photovoltaic cells, which can supply power to the living room. There are small holes on the blades, but water will be sprayed automatically to realize the cooling effect when the temperature is too high in summer.

3、Flat push-type awning

A tubular motor is placed inside the coil tube, and the canopy is put away by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.

4、Swinging awning

Through the forward and reverse rotation of the tubular motor in the coil tube to achieve the canopy put away.

5、Tilt and stretch awning

A tubular motor is placed in the coil tube, and the tarp is put away by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.

6、Aluminum electric retractable awning

It can achieve perfect shading and provide the function of sheltering from wind and rain, providing users with excellent use experience.

7、Sky window sunshade

Most of them are driven by external electricity, and the operation is completed using the attached wireless remote control.

In general, whether internal sunshade, medium sunshade or external sunshade, intellectual development is inevitable. At present, such products are continuously popularized and applied, and the technology will develop accordingly. In the future, the sunshade industry will reach a new height.

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