Installing an Awning Can Save Up to 60% or More of Electricity for Cooling

The features and benefits of awnings!

Sustainable green low-carbon building. Its characteristics determine the green low-carbon building can provide a more comfortable living environment. According to statistics, the installation of awnings, compared with not installing awnings, can save electricity for cooling up to 60% or more.

From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, it is significant to install external shading systems in places such as offices with large windows, high-rise buildings, schools and public places, and so on.

It includes the building proper and the ecological function system of the building interior and exterior environment, as well as the ecological service and maintenance function system for the safety, health, and stability of the building community.

The following is an introduction to its installation features and advantages for the awning.

It can be save the energy. At present, the commonly used indoor shading in China is an ineffective way of shading, ultraviolet rays through the glass into the awning, and make the fabric or metal curtain become a heat source, the real heat has entered the room.

And the external sunshade can block the heat, ultraviolet rays and other glare to the outdoors in the first place, the effect of insulation and energy saving is very different from the effect of installation in the glass.

Second, it is a better economic effect. The application of external shading awning technology has less input and significant effect.

Third, it is very artistic. Through the improvement of external shade and the choice of hue, the facade of the building can also become rich in layers and bright and beautiful with it. External shading technology can be said to be a high degree of unification of building function and form.

Suppose the environmental protection concepts of protecting the environment, protecting animals, and saving energy have become our code of conduct. In that case, low-carbon living is more of a green lifestyle that we urgently need to establish.

And how to prevent infrared light from entering the room? In addition to the necessary greening, artificial green is also essential; various colors of awnings with the building facade can fully let people feel the green nature because it can be completely isolated from ultraviolet and infrared light in the outdoors

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