How to decorate your backyard garden?

People are becoming increasingly distant from nature in modern life, and a return to natural living has become the expectation of countless modern city dwellers. We can give the garden life a color, a thought, a realm to be as if returning to nature. A stone instead of a mountain, a spoon instead of water in the pursuit of the landscape to the extreme from nature, with the life of the pro-nature, grounded, back to the basics of nature to let the state of mind and nature in one wash away the dust, simplicity, and indifference. The landscape is where the mind and nature can be united to wash away dust, simplicity, and indifference.

There is a secret garden in everyone’s heart.

A place far from the hustle and bustle, quiet and beautiful.

But to design, a perfect dream garden depends on whether the courtyard can talk to the owner’s mind and whether the trees and plants in the garden allow the owner to experience a more warm and pleasant feeling than others.

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Courtyard design is not just a form of artistic expression, allowing the sky to run wild but not allowed to be borderline. To design the courtyard landscape, the overall layout of the space is important. Each space in the courtyard has different types and characteristics for the design and transformation of these spaces and then divided into different areas to decorate and build. The reasonable use of the entire courtyard space so that the layout of the courtyard is beautiful and scientific.

NO.1 Principles of courtyard landscape design


The courtyard allows users to live, relax and showcase their tastes. Meeting the needs of users is the priority of garden landscape design. Before design, we should fully communicate with the users of the courtyard, fully understand their interests, hobbies, design style, and special needs (such as pets, reserved vegetable gardens, private space), etc., and properly integrate them into the courtyard design, people-oriented, good pre-design work.

Private space

A space where the surrounding landscape shields one’s view is called an enclosed space, which has no direction and is private and isolated. The villa courtyard is a relatively closed space, the private domain of the user, and the designer must accurately handle the spaces, dimensions, and degree of privacy of the private space to meet the user’s psychological needs.

Adaptation to local conditions

With the vast expanse of the region, there are major differences in economy, culture, and climate, and the type and size of the courtyard vary. The courtyard landscape design should be based on the regional style, the surrounding environment, the size of the courtyard, etc., according to local conditions; choose local characteristics or with the architectural style of the landscape design style, selective with other style elements to create a personalized, high-taste courtyard landscape.

Unity of Heaven and Man

The unity of nature and man is the harmonious unity of man and the living environment, the organic combination of the natural and human landscapes. The aim is to observe nature, respond to nature, use and transform nature in a controlled manner to create a good living and survival environment, and achieve the ultimate goodness of unity between man and nature. The landscape originates from nature but is higher than nature, and the villa courtyard must be made by man, just like the realm of heaven.

NO.2 A good design for a patio space needs to meet the following points.


The garden of a private villa is the owner’s own private space, in which they can arrange various garden elements according to their preferences, creating a personalized landscape that meets their aesthetic taste. Older people can enjoy the tranquillity of nature by setting up flowers and running water, while younger people can enjoy the fun of a barbecue. The design of the private villa garden at this point is not only the design of the landscape but the sculpting of the owner’s mind and creating his aesthetic sensibilities. Therefore, the design respects the owner, and the design follows the refinement, which is the destination of the landscape design of the private villa garden.


The villa courtyard is a private space with a closed perimeter where the owner can gather and interact. The activities of people carried by modern villas have gone beyond the scope of material, and the space layout has formed the need to enhance certain spatial characteristics, especially for people who work intensely to complete their behavior for passive activities from the courtyard space through the senses of sight, sound, and smell. For example, when watering flowers and cutting grass, enjoying the sunlight, fresh air, the fragrance of flowers and plants, etc., when entertaining, feeling the comfort and relaxation of the resting facilities, viewing the natural beauty of flowers and trees, listening to the sound of running water, etc.

Extension of indoor space

The villa courtyard is often used for various functions such as reception, rest, and food, and in increasingly modern life, people communicate more with nature through the courtyard. In addition to indoor activities, people also need to go outside to breathe fresh air, receive the sun’s comfort, and appreciate nature’s beauty. For other activities such as chatting, walking, entertainment, and other daily leisure activities, the courtyard space provides the ideal place for these, connecting the outdoor scenery with the interior so that people are in this scene, back to the feeling of nature, diluting the sense of rigidity of the building body. It provides the feeling of a villa.

NO.3 What else needs to be considered in villa landscaping

Colors: contrasting and complementary colors. Colors, hues, and shades. Primary colors and light colors are all part of the color factor. Tones can liven up or calm the mood; the final choice depends on personal taste.

Function: How to use the open space in the garden? As a playground for children? To grow vegetables? As a place to rest and contemplate? Or for outdoor recreation? It should be designed with a purpose in mind.

Light: Pay attention to the condition of the sunny and shady areas of the garden. The flowers become translucent in the evening light, and the grass-like plumes shine. In hot summer climates, tall trees can be planted to achieve better shade.

Style: Nodal gardens, boxwood beds, brick pavers, and staked fences all these forms the style of the garden. The more time and effort spent, the better.

Form: Consider the three-dimensional shapes of plants for variety. They may be round, cylindrical, draped, wavy, or fountain-like. Hard gardening materials and garden ornaments also have their shapes.

Contrast: Contrast draws attention to the garden and gives pleasure to the mind. Low contrast has a calming effect, while high contrast has a stimulating effect. Colour, structure, shape, and brightness can all be used for contrast.

NO.4 Patio design considerations.

In landscape design, the importance of plants is obvious. After all, if a landscape does not have a variety of plants and flowers, its value is much less.

In the selection of plants, it is advisable to seek precision rather than complexity to avoid giving people a sense of crowding; in planting, according to its different ecological habits, as far as possible to achieve a combination of trees, irrigation, ground cover, so that the courtyard in the four seasons have a view to enjoy.

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