backyard pergola

Socialize With Our Friends or Family With A Backyard Pergola

The back of our house and patio faces west particularly months the sun is setting there is a very strong son which made a very difficult to be able to enjoy the patio enjoy eating outdoors and an umbrella just did not provide adequate relief to cut that side setting sun.

So I was looking for a solution that would allow us to create some shade coming from the side to block the sun into Internet research, I came upon a pergola roof for us to keep the patio open to the sky. When we wanted close it down for protection from the element as we learned during the pandemic outdoor life was going to become increasingly important

If we wanted To be able to socialize with our friends or family. Sit down in a safe manner by utilizing the pergola we’re able to host star friends maintain。 An outdoor space but also protect ourselves from the elements all year round the part serves as a de facto cabana and relief from the sun during the summer months when we’re enjoying the poor but also all throughout the fall and the winter under the pergola canopy.

We are able to utilize it as effectively as an indoor-outdoor space where we can host friends have dinner parties movies night watch sports we can sit out here when it’s raining we can close it down and turn on the heaters and create a warm environment well into the fall and even the early winter the appeal of this product.

The pergola is so highly customization. Every element was designed specifically for the space and measured and installed with extreme precision it was installed relatively quickly but it was done carefully they worked throughout the day and sometimes into the night with laser levelers to make sure that each aspect was done。 With accuracy so that each of the various moving elements of which there are many would all come together seamlessly we highly recommend the product we think it is a major enhancement to our patio,to our backyard, and to our outdoor way of life。

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