Decorate Your Balcony with Retractable Pergola Canopy

For many people, the balcony is our second home, so obviously it deserves everyone’s attention. In the noisy city, such a balcony, isolated from the world, gives the feeling of being in a divine secret place.

Pillows, blankets, rattan chairs, a pot of greenery without thinking, and an retractable pergola canopy can make up a cozy relaxation area. Add a set of outdoor light canopy, and arrange some flowers and plants to give the balcony more unique charm.

Foding pergola canopy in the hot weather, let the balcony become your oasis; in the cold winter, let the balcony become your warm body room. The smart leisure balcony with sun shade and warmth is perfect for recharging your tiredness.

  1. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material guide rails and traction bar, rolled cloth tube, upper cover, lower cover shell, end caps assembled from the skeleton outside spraying white outdoor powder, acid-resistant alkali-resistant anti-corrosion.
    The use of high-quality stainless steel screws and cast steel parts connected, not rust.
    All active rotating bits use high strength wear-resistant cover, strong and durable.
    Support seat can be installed in any position on the rail, not limited by the location of the fixed point, easy to install.

The balcony built with care, the sunrise, watching the sun rise slowly in the evening, watching the sun afterglow fall, Enjoy of the balcony. And then the Alexson retractable canopy to embellish, but also to create a comfortable place for leisure home!

Dreams embellished you, Alexsun embellished your home life!
Realization of science and technology, art and practical sunshade home life!

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